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Scary Treats this Halloween

Surprise! To celebrate Halloween in style, as you may have noticed, Ninchanese has gone all orange and black this weekend. It's also a twist on the new Dark mode available on Ninchanese!

Special Halloween Mode

So, pump yourself up with a quick and effective Chinese learning session this weekend, and you'll be all geared up to go trick or treating!

Halloween mode will turn itself off on its own on Monday, the 1st of November. If you want to turn it off before then, head to your settings.

A sale to howl about

Don't ghost the super monstrous sale going on right now on all Chinese learning plans, whether you're a new subscriber or you want to upgrade your current plan on Ninchanese!

Enter DARKMODE at checkout and savor a fang-tastic 31% OFF the plan of your choice.

Enjoy and have a spine-tingling learning session this weekend!

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