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Chinese Grammar: Lesson: Adjectives don’t need verbs

Adjectives in Chinese require a little explanation; they work a little differently than in English. See, they don't need a verb in the sentence to work.

Linking adjectives and nouns

In Chinese, nouns don’t need a verb to be linked to adjectives. That's because, in Chinese adjectives, the verb is already assumed! When you say , you're not just saying "small". You're saying "to be small".

Instead of a verb, the word is often used to link a noun and an adjective together. It usually means "very" but here it's mainly a way to link the noun and the adjective and doesn't add a meaning.


Noun + + Adjective


You are pretty.

Noun + + adjective

Negating adjectives

Negating adjectives works the same way as negating verbs: the negation is always placed before the adjective.


Noun + + Adjective


You are not pretty.

Noun + negation + adjective

Oh noes!

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