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Chinese Grammar: Expressing indifference with 就

Since you guys have already learned many patterns with , then you just can’t miss this usage of to express your indifference! Show them your attitude!

Say “I don’t care “with

can be used in a structure with verbs to emphasize the indifference the speaker feels towards of something. Using in this structure adds an attitude very similar to saying “I don’t care” in English.


Verb + + Verb

Just frame with the verbs you don’t care about.


反正 没事
If you want to go, then let's go. It's not like I have nothing serious that needs doing right now.

Just say it, I don’t care.

Don’t eat, I don’t care.

以为 喜欢
I won't watch it, whatever. You really thought I'd like to watch that?

Show your indifference towards adjectives with

When looking to show your indifference, you can also use with adjectives. It conveys the same meaning of disinterest and not caring. However, one important thing to know to show your indifference right:


Negative Adjective + + Negative Adjective .

The pattern must always be negative, so make sure you pick negative adjectives to pair with or it won’t do.


高兴 高兴 没办法
Be unhappy if you want, but there's nothing I can do.

喜欢 喜欢无所谓
Don't like it if you want, I don’t really care.

不满意不满意 尽力
Be dissatisfied if you want, I’ve already tried my best.

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