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Chinese Grammar: Chinese Phrasebook

The best Chinese Phrasebook for fast, easy and essential sentences when you’re visiting China, living as an expat there or want to start learning Mandarin Chinese. Recommended app for tourists and business people visiting a Chinese speaking Country.

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✔ 500 sentences and words with audio and Pinyin. ✔ Offline works. ✔ We love cats.


I read a few basics words in the plane with that Chinese Phrasebook app I've downloaded on my flight. I’m a super fan of China and always wanted to go there. I always wanted to go celebrate the Chinese New Year in China. Thinking, I’m going to see it, in China, for real!

Now, we are landing in Shanghai. Wow. Everything is in Chinese here and, hmm, they don’t speak English much here.

First things first, I need a SIM card to get internet. Ok, let me try that app again...


It has gone smooth. This girl was pretty friendly. I’m glad I could find all the sentences I needed in the app without internet yet!

No need to wait, I saw in the app the sentences to take the taxi. I’m feeling that my journey in China is to a good start.

Do you like the story? That’s how you’ll use the Chinese Phrasebook. It's easy to use and has pretty useful sentences with audio and pinyin for fast and convenient use.


We go to China often for works and tourism. We speak Chinese and know how to do our things there. However, there is always little sentences or vocabulary that we don’t know or had forgotten (Ok, we feel ashamed already, thanks :)). That’s why we’ve compiled all these essential sentences, organized by day to day categories. This app is completely free, no crazy ad, pop up or paying content. Cool, right?

Even if you lost in the pampa in China, you can use this app offline, wherever and whenever you are. It will be a lifesaver.

Download Chinese Phrasebook now, and start already your Chinese trip.

THE FEATURES ★ No internet connection required – offline ★ 500 common phrases ★ High-quality audio pronunciations and ★ Professionally translated list of essential sentences ★ 20 topics ★ Search your most common expressions from the phrasebook. ★ User-friendly design ★ English, Chinese, and Pinyin (Phonetic transcriptions) text ★ No adverts or annoying popups


★ Basic Chinese ★ Hello & Politeness ★ Question words ★ Eating ★ Cooked how? ★ Ingredients ★ Meal ★ Money ★ Lodging ★ Bar and cafe ★ Drinks ★ Soft Drinks ★ Emergencies ★ Problems ★ Authority ★ Doctor ★ Body parts ★ Face parts ★ Shopping List ★ Tourist office ★ Internet and Phone ★ Time ★ Planning a trip ★ Days of the week ★ Month ★ Transportation ★ Taxi ★ Driving ★ Directions ★ Signs ★ Colors ★ Nationalities ★ Numbers


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