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Chinese Grammar: 不怎么

The Chinese like to use 不怎么 in their daily life. It literally means “not how”, which on his own, doesn’t make much sense. However, when 不怎么 is used with a verb and adjectives, it starts to make sense. Let's see how it works.

Using 不怎么 with a verb

When 不怎么 is used with verbs, it means “not often”, “not frequent”. It shows the frequency of doing something.


Subject + 不怎么 + Verb


不怎么 面条
I don’t often eat noodles.

不怎么 学校
He doesn’t often go to school.

这里 不怎么 下雨
It doesn't often rain here.

Using 不怎么 before an adjective

不怎么 has a different meaning when used with adjectives. When something is not very good, then you can add 不怎么 before an adjective. 不怎么 is quite similar to what we’ve learned before: , “not very” to indicate a not so deep degree.


Object + 不怎么 + adjective


不怎么 好吃
This dish isn’t very tasty.

这个 姑娘 不怎么 漂亮
This girl isn’t that pretty.

事情 不怎么 顺利
Things didn’t go so well.

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