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Chinese Grammar: Lesson: Expressing purpose

Sometimes, when things get rough, Lupishu wonders why they set out on this adventure. Both, him and Nincha, sometimes, feel their motivation waver a bit.

Yocha has like a feline 6th sense and always, always knows this is the time he needs to call them. He gives them a pep talk and reminds them of the purpose of their adventure and trials: save Ninchana! What words does he use in Chinese to express purpose? Let him teach you them now.

Using 为了 to express purpose

In Chinese, you can use 为了 to express the purpose or indicate someone benefits from something. When using it as a preposition, put it before a verb.


为了+ Purpose, Subject + Predicate

As you'll see in the examples below, in Chinese, you first convey the purpose, then explain how.


为了 取得 成绩 每天 努力 学习
He studies hard every day in order to get a good grade.

为了 学好 中文 中国
I went to China to learn Chinese well.

为了 可以 不顾一切
He could do anything for her.

Use the pattern (之所以)... 为了 to also express purpose

You can also express purpose with this pattern: (之所以)... 为了... In this situation, 为了 is always used after and goes with 之所以 to indicate the purpose or the reason. It’s similar to “the reason for...” structure in English.


Subject + 之所以 + purpose + 为了 + purpose/reason


之所以 离开 为了 自由
The reason why I left you is to give you more freedom.

之所以 这样 为了 你好
I did all this because it is right for you.

之所以 穿 这么 为了 看起来 苗条
The reason why he's wearing so little is that he wanted to look slim.

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