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Chinese Grammar: Lesson: Expressing “from... to” with 从……到

Feeling lost? …… is an ideal structure to ask your way around. Or do you have a question about how long something is going to last? ………… works for that too!

………… means "from … to" and works just like in English. It can be used for both times and places.

Using ………… for places


Subject + + place 1 + + place 2 + phrase

Quite like the structure, this structure can be followed by a distance, a duration, a question… It is a pretty straightforward structure, as you can see.


My home isn't far from the supermarket.

公司饭店 分钟
It’s a ten-minute walk from the office to the restaurant.

In a question:

请问火车站公共汽车站 怎么
Excuse me, how do you get to the bus station from the train station?

那儿 时间
How long does it take to go from your house to there?

The destination, if obvious in the sentence, can be omitted.

学校 回来 。I’m back from school.

Using for time


Subject + + time 1 + + time 2 + phrase

As time words can indifferently go before or after the subject, the structure can also look like this:

+ time 1 + + time 2 + subject + phrase


早上现在 吃饭
I haven't eaten a thing all day.

现在 中国
She hasn't returned to China since 2008.

Don't sit and watch TV all day.

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