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Chinese Grammar: Express your opinion with 就...来说 & 就...而言

As for you guys, do you find it interesting to learn Chinese with Nincha and Lupishu? I hope the answer is YES! Today we are going to show you how to express an opinion with ...来说 and ...而言 and compare their difference. It’s not difficult, let’s look at it!


Both of the two patterns express the opinion of something with limiting a certain range. But the only difference is that ...而言 is more formal than ...来说. Always put the object or range that you are going to comment after , you can translate it in English such as “in one’s opinion”, “from the point of view”, “speaking of”, “in terms of”, “as for”.

Using ...来说

You can use this pattern to make a comment, to analyze a particular fact or event, or simply to demonstrate your opinion.


+ Object/Range/Event + 来说 + Comment


孩子 来说
As for children, this question is too difficult.

In light of this matter, I was right.

怎么 学习 中文 来说 专家
He is an expert in talking about how to learn Chinese.

Using ...而言

Like what we’ve already told you, they have the same usage only except that ...而言 is more formal and it often appears in written Chinese.


+ Object/Range/Event + 而言 + Comment


这个 话题 而言大家 想法 。 Regarding this topic, everyone has their own point of view.

而言 无所谓
In his opinion, going there, not going there, it's all the same to him.

中国 经济 而言目前 处于 快速 发展 阶段
As for the Chinese economy, it is now a quickly developing state.

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