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Chinese Grammar: Using 一面...一面 to express simultaneous tasks

Do you guys still remember the lesson we’ve learned in world 3 on how to express simultaneous tasks with 一边...一边? If you forgot about it, please check it before we start today’s grammar lesson because what we are going to show you today is similar to 一边...一边.


Actually, this pattern has the same usage of 一边...一边 to describe simultaneous actions, but 一面...一面 is the formal form of 一边...一边. You can translate it into “meanwhile/ in the meantime” in English.


一面 + verb + 一面 + verb


一面 吃饭一面 电视
I like to eat and watch TV at the same time.

一面 运动一面 音乐
He likes doing sports while listening to music.

一面 工作一面 学习 辛苦
Both working and doing your studies is hard work.


This structure is similar to 一方面...一方面 too. If you add a before , in Chinese, it means “side/aspect” as 方面. You can consider it as “on the one hand...on the other hand” in English, to express the two aspects of a situation.

When using this pattern, pay attention that these two sides can be similar to each other and can also be the opposition.


一方面 + Aspect 1 + 一方面 + Aspect 2


一方面 旅游一方面 没有
On the one hand, he wants to travel, but on the other hand, he doesn’t have enough money.

政府 一方面 增加 大学生 就业率一方面 提升 高校 管理
On the one hand, the government is increasing the employment rate of college students, on the other hand, it’s going to control the management of colleges and universities.

一方面 喜欢 这里一方面 这里 。 On the one hand, he likes this place, but on the other hand, he hates how crowded it is.

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