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Chinese Grammar: Expressing “since...then”

Since you guys have started studying Chinese with Nincha, you’ve already made great progress. That’s cool! So today let’s show you guys how to express “since...then” in Chinese.


既然 means “since” and you can add and after it to form the pattern “since then” in Chinese. You can use it to indicate the cause and effect, especially to indicate a certain result. Commonly, it can be both a suggestion and a reference according to the context.

Using 既然...

This structure tends more to give someone a suggestion on the basis of the first fact or situation.


既然 + fact + + suggestion


Since you are tired, don’t go there.

既然 喜欢 电视
Since you like watching TV, then buy a big one.

Since you already arrived here, then don’t go.

既然 知道 告诉
Since you know about this matter, tell me.

Using 既然...

This structure can also be used to indicate a certain reference according to the previous fact or situation. You can feel the second is quite logic after knowing the precondition.


既然 + fact + + inference


既然 有时 一定
Since that he has free time, then he will definitely help me.

既然 肯定
Since she didn’t sleep, she must be exhausted.

既然 大家 已经 决定 行动
Since all’s already been decided, then let’s move on!

既然 开始 汉语 肯定 坚持下去
Since I began to study Chinese, I will definitely carry on.

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