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Chinese Grammar: Lesson Part 1: 在 to talk about where you are

Lupishu is still learning his way around the Nincha village, and is, therefore, an important word to learn. is very common in Chinese and can be used to express several things: where something is and the fact that something exists.

: to be located in/at/on

is one of the keywords in Chinese to indicate location. It means “to be in”; “to be on”; “to be at”. It is usually placed directly after the subject.


Subject + + Place

Unlike in English, where we say “to be + somewhere”, expresses a location on its own and does not require a verb like “(shì)”in front of it.


He is in Shanghai.

I am at school.

我们 中国
We are in China.

Not somewhere

To say something isn’t there, add a negation such as in front of .


My cat isn’t at home.

不在 学校
I am not at school.

(He’s) not here.

Ask where something is

is also extremely useful when trying to find where something is. Just replace the place with 哪儿, which means where in Chinese.


Where is home?

饭馆 哪儿
Where is the restaurant?

Indicate where a verb takes place in

To explain where you are or were doing something, again comes in handy. You start by describing where you were doing something and then explain what you were doing.


Subject + + Location + Verb + Object


学校 吃饭
I eat at school.

北京 工作
He works in Beijing.

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