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Chinese Grammar: Use words in context: Build sentences

Welcome to a sentence-building stage!

If you're new to Ninchanese, you don't know it yet, but there are two types of sentence-building stages:
- stages focusing on a specific grammar point (the majority of the sentence-building stages)
- and others, like this one, that serve a double purpose: to get you comfortable with seeing new vocabulary used in context, and to prepare you for an upcoming dialogue!

The gist

Use the word blocks you have to translate the sentence or expression you're given in English. Read the instructions carefully, because as you'll see, there are few traps! Sometimes, you'll just need to put the blocks in order to form a sentence, and other times, you'll need to carefully look at each character to figure out which are needed in the sentence and which are not!

See new vocabulary used in context

We all know learning a language isn't just about knowing the words. It's about more than that: putting words together to form sentences and ideas! That is exactly what the sentence-building stage helps you with. In it, you'll be asked to put together phrases, find expressions, and unjumble words to form full sentences in Chinese. Purrfect to understand how words you just learned are used in context!

Dialogue sentence preparation

With each sentence you build, you're also getting used to phrases, expressions, and sentences you'll then be learning to pronounce and speak in the upcoming dialogue! This makes this sentence-building stage meowsome preparation for the speaking and listening stages.

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