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HSK 1 - Easy
7 strokes

( , )


  1. inside
    We're all inside the school.
  2. in
  3. phonetic component
  4. interior
  5. inner
  6. lining
  7. inside (clothing)
  8. village
  9. radical (Kang Xi 166)
  10. measure of length (traditional, currently called 市里)
  11. li (Chinese mile)
  12. 500 meters (modern)

is also a phonetic component

Learn more about as a component in other characters: 里 the phonetic component

One Simplified form, two Traditional ones

While there's only in simplified, there are 2 writings in traditional Chinese: and . Luckily, each have their own scope of meanings, so it's easy to know when to use which.

: it's most commonly used form in traditional Chinese. When you want to talk about "inside", or "interiors" and so on, 's your guy.

Now, if you want to talk about the meaning "mile" or "kilometer", or any other unit of distance, is the one to use in traditional. Always. So words like 公里 can't be turned in 公裡, that's wrong. It needs to stay 公里, even in traditional.

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