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jiù shì


  1. just
    I never eat spinach. I just don't like the taste.
  2. just like
  3. that's right
  4. (to be) precisely
  5. exactly
  6. emphasizes that something is exactly (or precisely) as stated
  7. to be none other than
  8. in the same way as
  9. it is ... that
  10. even if (when the verb of the following part of the sentence is preceded by )
  11. even


You'll hear 就是 [jiù shì] used a lot in Chinese. It is very close to "just" in English, and often has an intense or provocative feel to it. It can even convey a stubborn, obstinate, tone, so use it wisely to emphasize and support your views! You'll also run across it used as a trailing note. That's because it can also be used to suddenly express an afterthought, that is quite opposite or different to what you just said. Fun, no?

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