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HSK 3 - Medium
3 strokes
Simplified (switch to Traditional)



  1. just
    Why did you just arrive? (i.e why are you so late?)
  2. a moment ago
  3. just now
  4. only (followed by a numerical clause)
  5. (preceded by an expression of time or reason) not unless
  6. (preceded by a clause of condition, such as an expression of time, or reason) not until
    She wasn't full until she had eaten three bowls.
  7. (preceded by an expression of time or reason) then and only then
  8. (preceded by an expression of time or reason) for no other reason
  9. (indicating sth happening later than expected)
  10. ability
  11. talent
    He is very talented.
  12. gift
  13. certainly
  14. indeed

A traditional form turned archaic

In traditional Chinese, used to look like this: 纔 but now, it's common usage to use 才, even in traditional Chinese!

Character Decomposition

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