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HSK 4 - Medium
3 strokes
Simplified (switch to Traditional)



  1. possessive particle (literary equivalent of )
  2. (third person objective pronoun, lit.) him
  3. (third person objective pronoun, lit.) her
  4. (third person objective pronoun, lit.) it
  5. (literary) this
  6. to go
  7. to leave for

How to use

In ancient Chinese literature (aka 文言 Classical Chinese), the character has many functions. It's still nowadays very much a word reserved for the written language. You'll find it in many idioms, proverbs, 成语, poems, and classical texts.
It can be used:
- as a particle,
- a direct object pronoun (that is to say, it can only be used when the pronoun is the direct object of a sentence),
- a demonstrative pronoun
- as well as a verb.

Character Decomposition

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