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Chinese Grammar: Different ways of expressing “let alone.”

As in the last lesson, we’ve learned the structure .../ to emphasize a specific situation when you express your determination. You can furthermore communicate your confidence by using these sentence patterns to express “let alone”.

“Let alone” with

For most situation, you can use to express “let alone”. You can also consider it as “don’t think about” or “leaving it aside” in English to help you understand it well.


+ A + , + () + B + / + Verb


做饭 吃饭 不想
Don’t even think about cooking, I don’t even want to eat.

你我 了解。
Let alone him, I don’t even know you well.

英文 中文
Don’t even mention English, I can speak Chinese.

小时 愿意
Not to mention three hours, even one day I am willing to wait.

“Let alone” with 不用

不用 also can mean “let alone”, but it is a reverse side of . You can find that its structure order is totally opposite of .


+ A + / + Verb + , + 不用 + B +


不想 不用 做饭 。 I don’t even want to eat, let alone to cook.

你我 了解 , 不用
I don’t know you well, not to mention him.

中文 不用 英文
I can even speak Chinese, not to mention English.

不用 小时
I can even wait for a day, not to mention 3 hours.

“Let alone” with 何况

何况 can be used in two situations. One is in a question form with a question tag , the other one is in an exclamatory sentence with an exclamation.


+ A + + (/) + Verb + , + 何况 + B + ?


一块 没有何况
You don’t even have one yuan, how could you have 100 yuans?

小孩 知道何况
Even a kid knows that, how could you not know?


() + A + ... + 何况 + B!


三次 知道 何况 第一次
He has come here three times already, and still can't find his way around, how do you expect to do so on, especially on your first time!

这么 何况 这么 简单
Even I can solve these difficult problems, not to mention these simple things!

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