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HSK 3 - Medium
3 strokes
Simplified (switch to Traditional)



  1. mouth (of human being or an animal)
    His mouth was dry, he needed a drink.
  2. entrance
    There's a small restaurant at the entrance of the alley.
  3. opening
    There's someone at the door.
  4. exit
    I'll wait for you at the exit.
    A "mouth" character that tells you where to go out is an "exit".
  5. meaning component
  6. measure word
  7. classifier (for things with mouths - persons, domestic animals, knives, etc or bites and mouthfuls)
    There are five people in his family.
  8. cut
  9. hole
  10. radical (Kang Xi 30)

Be careful: is often mixed up with . But is slightly smaller.

口 is also a super-powerful meaning component

You'll find it as a meaning component for characters such as mouth, language, actions of the mouth, entrance, sound… and square things. Learn more about 口 as a component in other characters: 口 the meaning component

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